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A Tactic Wining a Backgammon Game

Here are some basic backgammon tactics winning both traditional and online games. These may be simple tactics; winning backgammon, after all, is a simple strategy of coupling skills with some luck.

The start of most backgammon games usually offers no good strategy option except a few good initial positioning. There are not many backgammon opening strategies that afford a tactic winning a particular game immediately. Most openings are pretty much the same and seldom let a player instantly peek into a trend or prediction of a win or lose.

However, in the opening part of a game, the right moves of the checkers leading to the intended strategies should be started. Here applies the adage that a journey of many miles begins with a single step. Wrong initial moves may upset a contemplated tactic wining a backgammon game, or may even spoil everything from beginning to end.

After the opening part comes the mid-part of a backgammon game. Here begins the actual positioning of checker pieces. The good tactic winning a bout of backgammon is hitting the rival checker pieces. To hit a checker piece is to replace it with an ally checker piece when one's checker stops on the same point. More hits mean more disablement a displacement on the opponent's part, a tactic winning many bouts in traditional and online backgammon.

While in the processes of hitting and rendering as many opponent's checkers out of the game for a while, new strategy and opening opportunities emerge on the board. A particular tactic winning in a certain way, as developments arise, becomes obvious. Some strategies may be of doubling, priming, holding, or more hits.

Doubling cube is an excellent tactic winning a lot of backgammon games since the 1920s when it was first introduced. A boring backgammon game can suddenly turn exciting when one of the players suddenly challenges a double and the other calls. Backgammon games can suddenly end with a doubling cube challenge. Pip counts are essential when one is offered a double, or when wants to offer the same. It is a tactic winning in many possible ways depending on the probabilities offered by a backgammon game situation.

Another strategy is the doubles tactic winning the backgammon race. The race in backgammon is when the game is finished to the end and players race against each other until bearing off phase.

A special tactic winning a backgammon game really depends on simple initial strategies. Make the first moves right and it's a likely win.