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  1. A Tactic Wining a Backgammon Game - There are many backgammon strategies available, but the question really is when a tactic winning a backgammon game is to be used. A factor well considering is positioning. A strategy or tactic winning a specific game almost entirely depends on positioning. And perfect positioning rests on initial moves in the game.
  2. Backgammon Guidelines for Novices - As a novice in playing backgammon, it is important that you know what are the things that you need to consider. Knowing the important guidleines in playing backgammon helps you make a better game.
  3. Backgammon Over the Years - Backgammon has been played since time immemorial. Looking back, this modern pastime has contributed in the culture of different civilizations in the world.
  4. Defensive Play on a Gammon-Save - When you're in a gammon-save situation in a backgammon match play, your aim is to keep your opponent from winning a gammon or a double game. Certain situations qualify as a gammon-save and they require you to make a defensive play. Carry out your defensive play by creating anchors and remember that you only need to bear off a single checker to keep from losing a crucial game.
  5. Doubling Cube Strategies for the Back Game - Back games are tricky situations in backgammon. Players should consider a lot of aspects of the game before deciding on an offer to double. It will take some experience before you master the concepts on cube action for a back game.
  6. Information On: Backgammon - Backgammon is not just your typical game of chance. It is also a board game that induces your mind to think--and doing so sharpens it. Who would imagine that by just the simple throwing of the dice and seeking to garner the most number of points, you will be able to do great things for your brain, too?
  7. Replying Using Backgammon Double Rolls - Replying to your opponent's opening move using double rolls presents great opportunities in backgammon. You can immediately take the lead since you're making twice as much moves in the opening. Just remember to take strategic positions when replying using double rolls in backgammon.
  8. Simple Tips When Playing Backgammon - Playing backgammon can be trickier than it seems. You really have to come up with a strategy in order to ensure a win for yourself.
  9. Success Tips in Backgammon - The introduction of new innovations in backgammon has paved the way for beginners to learn the game quickly. Long ago, the only way to learn backgammon was for the father to teach the game to his son.
  10. The Five-Three Opening Roll - In backgammon, knowing which checkers to move with the dice throw is important. Given a five-three roll, two moves are more commonly used. Each is different because one sets up a running strategy while the other sets up a blocking strategy. See what these moves are and what is best to start off the backgammon play with a five-three opening roll.
  11. The Top Three Moves with a Six-Two Opening - There are several probable moves with a six-two opening in backgammon but experts have narrowed them down to the top three. Your choices are slotting, running, or building. See which of the three are the boldest, the weakest, and the best in the lot.
  12. Using Backgammon Dice Rolls Statistics - Knowing the relevance of the many probabilities of backgammon dice rolls combinations can help us win the game. Statistics show us where our blots are most or least vulnerable, where our checkers should be placed to increase chances of bringing them into the home board, and how to increase chances of bringing in our checkers from the bar.
  13. Using Defensive Tactics in Backgammon - All too often players concentrate on attacking their opponents that once the rolls go the other way, they get rattled. By including defensive measures in your strategy, a seemingly lost game can still be won.
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